Detailed Competition Information

A. Expectations
B. Arrival and Unloading
C. Rules of the Game
D. The Pits
E. Courtesy Pit
F. Inspections and Weigh-In
G. Practice Rounds
H. Qualification Rounds
I. Alliance Selection
J. Elimination Rounds
K. Awards
L. Safety



A. Expectations:
The Cow Town ThrowDown is being offered to let high school students have another opportunity to get excited about the possibilities related to science and technology. While planning has been thorough, we should all expect some glitches. All team leaders and adult volunteers are expected to model gracious professionalism for the students we are attempting to serve.

If you have any questions on either day of the event, please look for volunteers wearing shirts that say Volunteer.

B. Arrival and Unloading:
We have provided detailed instructions to help teams successfully arrive, unload, and navigate the environment. For further details, please see the facilities section of this document.

C. Rules of the Game:
FIRST and the Game Design Committee did an excellent job creating rules for the 2024 game, CRESCENDO . There may be a short list of rule changes to the game and how it is played and scored. These changes will be emailed to all registered coaches and posted here. As in the past, the following tournament rules will apply +5 pounds allowed.

Honor system, unless the referees question you. Four teams will be on each alliance in the finals. (see section I) Alliance selection is: 1-8 8-1 1-8 (See section I. (Alliance Selection) for a complete description of the alliance selection process.) No extra backup teams are needed, since each alliance has its own backup. there is no requirement to play the backup team. Alliances may choose to field any three of the four teams in the alliance. Lower seeded alliance must declare robots first FIRST tiebreaker rules apply except for the finals where ties will be replayed.

D. The Pits:
Each team will be provided a designated 9′ x 9′ pit located in the same space as the competition field. Pits will be equipped with a single 110v outlet. Cordless hand tools are recommended as the total current available to each pit will be limited. Tables will not be provided.

E. Courtesy Pit:
A machine shop will not be available. However, an easily found courtesy pit with a drill press and a band saw will be available in the same building as the competition. Some spare parts may also be available. In the spirit of gracious professionalism, teams are encouraged to share parts as becomes necessary. Please make plans to limit tools used to cordless hand tools.

F. Inspections and Weigh-In:
There is no inspection or weigh-in. The honor system (that gracious professionalism thing again) is in effect.

G. Practice Rounds:
Facilities permitting; practice rounds are available on the main competition field Friday beginning at 4:00. Practice rounds will end at 5:30pm.

H. Qualification Rounds:
Once positive check-in of teams is completed by 5:30 Friday, a qualification round schedule will be developed and published. One hard copy of the schedule will be distributed to each team at their pit. The schedule will also be posted on screens at the help desk in the competition building. Staff will be devoted to helping teams queue for each round; however it is the responsibility of each individual team to be present for their match. If a team fails to arrive at the playing field on time, the match will begin without them.

I. Alliance Selection:
The ALLIANCE selection process will consist of three rounds during which each ALLIANCE CAPTAIN will invite a TEAM seeded below them to join their ALLIANCE.

Round 1: In descending order (ALLIANCE One to ALLIANCE Eight) each ALLIANCE CAPTAIN will invite a single TEAM. Round 2: The same method is used for each ALLIANCE CAPTAIN’S second choice except the selection order is reversed, with ALLIANCE Eight picking first and ALLIANCE One picking last. Round 3: ALLIANCE One will pick first then going in order with Alliance EIGHT picking last. This process will lead to eight ALLIANCES of four teams. ALLIANCES may compete with any three of their four robots in any given elimination match.

J. Elimination Rounds:
Once alliances have formed, an elimination round schedule will be developed and published. Again, one hard copy will be brought to each team’s pit. These rounds will follow the structure developed by FIRST.

K. Awards:
Awards will be scaled down from what occurs at a typical FIRST regional. Cow Town Champions and Finalists will be recognized. There will also be five other awards that will be decided by ballot of all student team members present at the event. click here for awards category information.

L. Safety:
First Aid- Should First Aid become necessary, please seek a Cow Town ThrowDown volunteer or report to the registration / Information desk. Pit Safety- As with FIRST competitions, safety glasses must be worn in and around the pits by everybody at all times. Extra safety glasses will not be available at the site. Each team should bring at least 10 extra safety glasses for parents and other spectators to put on when they visit your pit area. General Conduct- All participants and supporters are expected to exhibit gracious professionalism during the entire competition. Any behavior that leads to a potential safety concern may result in a warning to the individual(s). Extreme behaviors will not be tolerated and could lead to removal from the event and site. Safety Communication- If you have any safety concerns during the event, please notify a designated volunteer.